Welcome to the RedZone League!

We run one of the most effecient and fun sim-leagues out there on the PS4. The RZL has been running for over 10 seasons since Madden NFL 17.

RZL delivers an ultimate strategic atmosphere in which owners build teams through free agency, year-long development, and the RZL draft.

We have a solid set of rules that have been formed and modified to fit everyone's liking. We have strict but fair trade rules to ensure teams maintain their distinctiveness while staying in line within the football culture RZL is constructing.

There are many other leagues that allow impractical trading with non-realism in their gameplay, but if are looking for something more life-like then you have found the right place. Win, lose or draw our owners can enjoy themselves in a field of all competitive levels.

We use DaddyLeagues and FaceBook as our means of communication. We're more than a Madden league, we're a brotherhood of dedicated users. Come join today if you think you have what it takes!